School lunch: Nov. 3/16

Since I’m uploading these belatedly, I don’t always remember what I ate. But I do remember that this was at my elementary school (you can tell by the tray).

Apparently, every month, the school will serve special cakes/pudding to celebrate the kids’ birthdays. I lucked out by going to school on one of those chosen days and was met with a cute, chocolate “Happy Birthday” cake/pudding ^^

20161103_122833.jpgTaken: November 3, 2016

Menu: Chocolate cake/pudding, kimchi, dwenjang stir-fried pork with veggies (probably), seaweed soup (traditional birthday staple for Koreans), and rice with yellow things*

*Rice at school is rarely just white rice. There’s always some sort of different coloured grain in it. I don’t know what they are, but it was yellow that day.


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