Under construction.

But here’s a couple of terms to help you pass the time.

Aegyo Acting cute.

Examples include of gwiyomi, bbuing bbuing, and making a heart out of your fingers or arms

Gwiyomi A song that makes zero mathematical sense
Bbuing Bbuing Nudging clenched fists beside your cheeks; popularized by Krystal and Lee Jong Suk in High Kick 3
Noona Older female (to a guy)
Unnie Older female (to a girl)
Oppa Older male (to a girl)
Hyung Older male (to a guy)
Dongsaeng Younger female/male
Makjang A type of drama that has a lot of far-fetched plot twists to raise viewership.

Typically consists of birth secrets, spontaneous memory loss, and lots of close-ups of antagonists stewing in anger

Some A romantic relationship that hasn’t been “officially” announced yet
Service Free stuff!
Daebak Awesome, or the nickname of this very cute baby
Omo/Omona Oh my~
Jjang The best
Hong Sisters Famous k-drama rom-com writing duo.

Notable works include “You’re Beautiful”, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, “Greatest Love”, “Master’s Sun”, “Warm and Cozy”, etc.